restricted access   Volume 90, Number 1, Winter 2014

Table of Contents

Featured Contributors

pp. 7-9

Art and Reading as Experience

pp. 12-13

Circling Back: Gabriel Orozco—painter, sculptor, provocateur—changes direction

pp. 28-51

Necessary Utterance: On Poetry As a Cultural Force

pp. 54-61

India’s Golden Chance

pp. 128-141

Who Is Zwarte Piet?: A holiday tradition in the Netherlands involving blackface has sparked a debate about race, the legacy of slavery, and the vestiges of colonialism

pp. 142-155

Amateur Hour

The Master Touch: Schuyler Towne on the Art and Ethics of Breaking In

pp. 14-21


Nothing Helps

pp. 22-25



pp. 26-27


Black Raspberry Canes, and: A Nickel on Top of a Penny

pp. 52-53

Sturgeon Moon

p. 62

Kinda Blue

p. 63

Open & Borrow, and: Choir

pp. 70-71

Bitter Night in the Country

p. 127

I Say Archetype, and: A Toast

pp. 156-157



pp. 64-69

The Hare and the Hunter

pp. 174-181


At Home at the Other End of the Rainbow: Going Off the Grid (and Into the Desert) to Live the American Dream

pp. 72-89


Mr. Cartoon

pp. 90-96


pp. 97-105

Virtual Grave

pp. 106-116

Transfigured Night

pp. 117-126

Photo Essay

The Colors of Tiksi

pp. 158-173


Thomas Cole and the Decorative Arts

pp. 182-195

A Grand Tour

pp. 196-202

Recent Books

The Big Read: Can a Single Book Sum Up a Nation?

pp. 203-206

New Fiction on the Great Flood of 1927

pp. 207-211

The Way of All Flesh: On Tolstoy and Mortality

pp. 212-217

God’s Grandeur: The Prayer Journal of Flannery O’Connor

pp. 218-221

Fine Distinctions

Blues vs. Rhythm and Blues

p. 222

From the VQR Vault: The Literary Life

p. 224

Robert Penn Warren’s Submission of “John Crowe Ransom: A Study in Irony,” 1935

p. 225