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Iron Market

p. 6

A Family of Interest

pp. 6-13

A Sense of Time Passing

p. 14

On the Ninth Anniversary of the Death of Derrida

p. 15

A Sliver of Heat

p. 16

Winter Tree

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Hunger Season

pp. 18-23

In the Breath of Ten Thousand Metals

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Visible Breath

p. 27

Liberating Restrains

p. 28

Discovering Terra Incognita

pp. 28-36

Of Hindrance

p. 37

A Deeper Telling

p. 38

Lament of the Ex-Encyclopedia Salesman with a Pretty Thai Lady on His Arm

p. 39

Self E-Portrait, Kinect 1

p. 40

Home Waters

pp. 40-47

Looking Down

p. 48

The Green Helmet

p. 49

Man of Feeling

p. 50

45th High School Reunion

p. 51

The Siren and the Wounded Sleeper

p. 52

Exploring the Land of Cook

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The Space Traveler Pities Us, and: The Space Traveler’s Calculus, and: The Space Traveler’s Missives, and: The Space Traveler Falls in Love

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Blind Trust

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Q & A at the Film Festival

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“…the slightest orb”: (Merchant of Venice, Act V, scene i)

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Certain Enigma

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Born in the Caul

pp. 80-86

Free-Range Chicken

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Autumn Sonata in Backyard

p. 94

On Quietness

pp. 95-96

The War Reporter Paul Watson Retiring

p. 97

Coming and Going at the U.S. Open

p. 98

Red, White & Blue

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Habemus Papam

p. 106

Way Out West: Sonny Rollins, 1955

p. 107

My Father’s View

p. 108

Bark Beetles

pp. 108-117

Fields and Ledges

p. 118

Autumn Haiku

p. 119

The Death of Chang Eng

pp. 120-121

Approaching the Point of No Return

p. 122

My Father and the Hair Grafter

pp. 122-127

Two Universal Truths and a Lie: (in no particular order)

pp. 128-129

Honeymoon in Venice

pp. 130-131

Three Score and Ten

p. 132

Easy Rider

pp. 132-135

Beach Bums of the Buffalo Southtowns

p. 136

Looking toward South Bristol

p. 137

Black Creek, Mississippi

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La Vie en Rose

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Lois Lane in Bronze

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To the Poet Writing of Wings

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Between Love and Madness Lies Obsession

p. 148

The World Brought Close

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Notes on Contributors

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