restricted access   Volume 26, Issue 1, Spring 2014

Table of Contents

Editorial Introduction

pp. vii-xii

Racialized and Gendered Necropower in Canadian News and Legal Discourse

pp. 1-26

Is Law Opposed to Politics for Feminists?: The Case of the Lusty Lady

pp. 27-48

Micro-Cohorts, Feminist Discourse, and the Emergence of the Toronto SlutWalk

pp. 49-69

Dreams of Uncommon Languages: Transnational Feminist Pedagogy and Multilingual Poetics

pp. 70-92

Reaping the Bloody Harvest: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and the US Imperial Project

pp. 93-114

Refuting “Refugee Chic”: Transnational Girl(hood)s and the Guerilla Pedagogy of M.I.A.

pp. 115-142

The Valkyrie’s Gender: Old Norse Shield-Maidens and Valkyries as a Third Gender

pp. 143-172


The Rhizome as a Field of Broken Bones, and: Unhinged Bodies Whisper, and: Keeping My Body Politic Safe, and: Your Poems Are So Political

pp. 173-181

Book Reviews

Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes by Mary M. Talbot (review)

pp. 182-187

The Madame Curie Complex: The Hidden History of Women in Science by Julie Des Jardins (review)

pp. 187-191

Red Nails, Black Skates: Gender, Cash, and Pleasure on and off the Ice by Erica Rand (review)

pp. 191-194