restricted access   Issue 77, Spring 2014

Table of Contents

Articles and Essays

Early, Erotic and Alien: Women Dressed as Men in Late Medieval London

pp. 1-25

Jeremiah Goldswain’s Farewell: Family and Fortune in Early Nineteenth-century English Emigration

pp. 26-44

The Politics of Muslim Rage: Secular Law and Religious Sentiment in Late Colonial India

pp. 45-64

Coffee-shops in Colonial Singapore: Domains of Contentious Publics

pp. 65-85

Red Love and Betrayal in the Making of North Korea: Comrade Hŏ Jŏng-suk

pp. 86-102

Stanzas and Sticks: Poetic and Physical Challenges in the Afro-Brazilian Culture of the Paraíba Valley, Rio de Janeiro

pp. 103-136

Feature: Ireland

From Socialism to Liberal Unionism: J. L. Mahon in Edwardian Dublin

pp. 137-159

Killing in Cork and the Historians

pp. 160-186

Feature: Contested Ideologies

Tories and Hunters: Swinton College and the Landscape of Modern Conservatism

pp. 187-214

Social-Science Encounters and the Negotiation of Difference in early 1960s England

pp. 215-239

Solidarity and Sexuality: Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners 1984–5

pp. 240-262

Historian's Notebook

Out of the 1950s: Cultural History, Queer Thought

pp. 263-273


Moving Back in Memory Studies

pp. 275-282

History, Law and Aboriginal Title

pp. 283-290

Reading All About It: Eighteenth-Century News Culture

pp. 291-298

Papers, Please

pp. 298-306

Alien Invasion

pp. 307-312

Fragments of Imperial Violence

pp. 312-318

Divided We Stand

pp. 319-326

Society’s Volunteers

pp. 326-330

Report Back

Voluntary Action History Society Fifth International Conference, University of Huddersfield, 10–12 July 2013

pp. 331-337

Children, Childhood and Youth in the British World: Historical Perspectives, Symposium, 19–20 July 2013, Menzies Centre for Australian Studies, King’s College London

pp. 337-339

In Conversation with the Women’s Liberation Movement: Intergenerational Histories of Second Wave Feminism, British Library, 12 Oct. 2013

pp. 339-342

Citizen of the World: The Use and Abuse of Thomas Paine, People’s History Museum, Manchester, 29–30 November 2013

pp. 342-345


Mary Turner, 1931–2013

pp. 347-350