restricted access   Volume 15, Number 1, Spring 2014

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From: Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History

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Law and the Spaces of Empire: Introduction to the Special Issue

Making Claims: Indian litigants and the expansion of the English legal world in the eighteenth century

Hindu City and Just Empire: Banaras and India in Ali Ibrahim Khan's legal imagination

Piracy and Legality in the Northward: Colonial articulations of law, custom and policy in the late eighteenth-and early nineteenth-century Bombay Presidency

New Settler Colonial Histories at the Edges of Empire: “Asiatics,” settlers, and law in colonial South Africa

Islamic Law and Imperial Space: British India as “domain of Islam” circa 1803–1870

Maritime Space as Law and Light: Retrieving William Clark Russell's An Ocean Free-Lance (1882)

Review Essays

Gandhi and the Contemporary World

The Borderlands of the British World

Book Reviews

Once Were Pacific: Māori connections to Oceania by Alice Te Punga (review)

Between Indigenous and Settler Governance ed. by Lisa Ford, Tim Rowse (review)

The Afterlife of Empire by Jordanna Bailkin, and: The White Man’s World by Bill Schwarz (review)

A History of Australia by Mark Peel, Christina Twomey (review)

Men and Manliness on the Frontier: Queensland and British Columbia in the mid-nineteenth century by Robert Hogg (review)

Trans-Indigenous: Methodologies for global Native literary studies by Chadwick Allen (review)

Radical Moves: Caribbean migrants and the politics of race in the Jazz Age by Lara Putnam, and: Africa Speaks, America Answers: Modern jazz in revolutionary times by Robin D.G. Kelley (review)

Walter A. Rodney: A promise of revolution by Clairmont Chung (review)

Chinese Cubans: A transnational history by Kathleen Lopez (review)

Orientalists, Propagandists, and Ilustrados: Filipino scholarship and the end of Spanish colonialism by Megan C. Thomas (review)

Juridical Humanity: A colonial history by Samera Esmeir (review)

The Imperial Security State: British colonial knowledge and empire-building in Asia by James Hevia (review)

Contagion and Enclaves: Tropical medicine in colonial India by Nandini Bhattacharya (review)