restricted access   Issue 76, Autumn 2013

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Articles and Essays

Everyman or a Monster?: The Rapist in Early Modern England, c.1600–1750

pp. 5-31

Making and Breaking Property: Negotiating Enclosure and Common Rights in Sixteenth-Century England

pp. 32-56

On Men and Bears: a Forgotten Migration in Nineteenth-Century Italy

pp. 57-84

Indigenous Agency: Customary Rights and Tribal Protection in Eastern India, 1830–1930

pp. 85-110

Singing in a New World: Street Songs and Urban Experience in Colonial Calcutta

pp. 111-136

The Toynbee Travellers’ Club and the Transnational Education of Citizens, 1888–90

pp. 137-159

Conceiving Difference: Religion, Race and the Jews in Britain, c.1750–1900

pp. 160-186

Ruskin, Radicalism and Raphael Samuel: Politics, Pedagogy and the Origins of the History Workshop

pp. 187-211

Graphical Terrorism?: Bazooka, Punk and Leftist Politics at Libération Newspaper in 1970s France

pp. 212-234

Painting the Crisis: Community Arts and the Search for the ‘Ordinary’ in 1970s and ’80s London

pp. 235-249

Feature: The Making of the English Working Class, Fifty Years On

Class and Condescension

pp. 251-255

Voice of the Discontented

pp. 256-258

People Matter

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Archives and Sources

Fawcett Saga: Remembering the Women’s Library across Four Decades

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Seeing the Ancients

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Looking Left

pp. 296-305

Sexual Nostalgia

pp. 306-310

Prosperous Labourers?

pp. 311-318

The Medium is the Métissage

pp. 319-327

Globalization and Economic Injustice in Modern India

pp. 327-334

Human Rights as History

pp. 335-342

Report Back

Turning Points: The Event, the Collective and the Return of the life in Parts, University of East Anglia, 9–10 February 2013

pp. 343-345


Heinz Lubasz, 1928–2012

pp. 347-349