restricted access   Volume 139, Number 5, December 1994

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Original Articles

The Interaction of Race, Gender and Social Class Effects in the Education of Deaf Students

pp. 465-471

Educational Interpreting and Teacher Preparation: An Interdisciplinary Model

pp. 472-479

Making Science Accessible to Deaf Students: The Need for Science Literacy and Conceptual Teaching

pp. 480-484

Issues in the Use of Cochlear Implants with Prelingually Deaf Children

pp. 485-492

A Case Study In Planning Staff Development: What Do Teachers Really Need?

pp. 493-499

Emotional Indicators of Deaf Children on the Draw-A-Person Test

pp. 500-505

Metacognitive Strategies in a College World Literature Course

pp. 506-511

Communicative Interactions of Deaf and Hearing Children in a Day Care Center: An Exploratory Study

pp. 512-518



pp. 461-464

Annual Index, 1994

pp. 519-520