restricted access   Volume 80, Number 3, Fall 2013

Table of Contents

Austerity Economics Failed Economics but Persistent Policy

Guest Editors: Teresa Ghilarducci and Richard McGahey

Endangered Scholars Worldwide

pp. v-xx

Editor’s Introduction

pp. xxi-xxii

John Hollander, 1929–2013

pp. xxiii-xxiv

Guest Editors’ Introduction

pp. xxv-xxix

Part I: The Source and Power of Austerity's Visision

Crisis, Austerity, and the Role of Economic Theory in Policy

pp. 653-664

The Logic and Impossibility of Austerity

pp. 665-696

A Note on Economic Austerity in Science, Morality, and Political Economy

pp. 697-714

Part II: Political Economy

The Political Economy of Austerity in the United States

pp. 717-748

Austerity Economics and the Struggle for the Soul of US Capitalism

pp. 749-780

Jobs Instead of Austerity: A Bold Policy Proposal for Economic Justice

pp. 781-794

The Austerity of Low Pay: US Exceptionalism in the Age of Inequality

pp. 795-816

Part III: Escaping Austerity Economics: Alternative Analyses

Unpacking the Multiplier: Making Sense of Recent Assessments of Fiscal Stimulus Policy

pp. 819-854

On the Potential Pitfalls of the EU Fiscal Pact: A Simulation Study of the International Dimensions of Fiscal Austerity

pp. 855-882

The Macroeconomics of Austerity in the European Union

pp. 883-914

Part IV: Moving Forward and Away from Austerity

Austerity and Democracy

pp. 917-928

Austerity and the Global Crisis: Lessons from Latin America

pp. 929-952

Austerity Distorts the Common Economic Interests between Generations

pp. 953-976

Notes on Contributors

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