restricted access   Volume 37, Number 2, Winter 2014

Table of Contents

Reading Strategies

Making No Apologies for Difficulty: Putting Modernist Form at the Center of Classroom Discussions

pp. 1-19

Djuna Barnes, History’s Elsewhere, and the Transgender

pp. 20-38

Melancholic Remedies: Djuna Barnes’s Nightwood as Narrative Theory

pp. 39-58

Hot Sparks and Cold Devils: Katherine Mansfield and Modernist Thermodynamics

pp. 59-75

Repetition, Race, and Desire in The Great Gatsby

pp. 76-91

Jean Rhys and the Fiction of Failed Reciprocity

pp. 92-108

The White Hotel’s Scandalous Finale: An Allegory of Reading

pp. 109-122

Brooklyn as the “untold story” of “Eveline”: Reading Joyce and Tóibín with Ricoeur

pp. 123-140

Reclaiming the Past: Michael Ondaatje and the Body of History

pp. 141-160

Archival adventures

“darling” Pru: Four Unpublished Tennessee Williams Letters to Truman Capote

pp. 161-176

Hope Mirrlees and the Archive of Modernism

pp. 177-182


Weak Plots in the Modernist Novel: A Review of Stephen Kern’s The Modernist Novel: A Critical Introduction

pp. 183-187

Collaborative Dubliners: Joyce in Dialogue, a Range of Framing Interpretations

pp. 188-190

Has Death Come for Modernism?

pp. 191-198

Notes on Contributors

pp. 199-201