restricted access   Volume 33, Number 1, March/mars 2014

Table of Contents


Keeping Up! Older Workers’ Adaptation in the Workplace after Age 55

pp. 1-14

Les facteurs favorisant ou contraignant l’engagement bénévole dans les organismes communautaires en soutien à domicile auprès des aînés

pp. 15-25

Negotiating Vulnerabilities: How Older Adults with Multiple Chronic Conditions Interact with Physicians

pp. 26-37

Nursing Home Characteristics Associated with Resident Transfers to Emergency Departments

pp. 38-48

Ensuring the Success of Interprofessional Teams: Key Lessons Learned in Memory Clinics

pp. 49-59

A Validation Study of Memory and Executive Functions Indexes in French-Speaking Healthy Young and Older Adults

pp. 60-71

Développement et validation d’une classification québécoise des résidences privées avec services accueillant des personnes âgées

pp. 72-83

Falls Risk and Hospitalization among Retired Workers with Occupational Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

pp. 84-91

Research Notes / Notes de recherche

Influenza Vaccinations: Older Adults’ Decision-Making Process

pp. 92-98

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

Perspectives on Care at Home for Older People ed. by Christine Ceci, Kristín Björnsdóttir, Mary Ellen Purkis (review)

pp. 99-100

Key Issues in Evolving Dementia Care: International Theory-Based Policy and Practice ed. by Anthea Innes, Fiona Kelly, Louise McCabe (review)

pp. 100-102

Reviewers List 2013 / List des arbitres 2013

pp. 103-110