restricted access   Volume 45, Issue 1, Spring 2014

Table of Contents

Abbreviations and Citations of Friedrich Nietzsche’s Works

pp. iv-v

Symposium on Clark and Dudrick, The Soul of Nietzsche’s “Beyond Good and Evil”

On Homuncular Drives and the Structure of the Nietzschean Self

pp. 1-11

Nietzsche’s Psychology as a Refinement of Plato’s

pp. 12-21

Nietzsche as Kant’s True Heir?

pp. 22-30

Advancing the Agōn: Nietzsche’s Pre-texts and the Self-Reflexive Will to Truth

pp. 31-41

Proceedings from the North American Nietzsche Society


p. 42

Nietzsche’s Apollo

pp. 43-53

Prescribing Positivism: The Dawn of Nietzsche’s Hippocratism

pp. 54-67

Misunderstanding Epicurus?: A Nietzschean Identification

pp. 68-83

Book Reviews

Friedrich Nietzsche zur Einführung by Werner Stegmaier (review)

pp. 84-87

Zur Genealogie des Zivilisationsprozesses: Friedrich Nietzsche und Nobert Elias by Friderike Günther, Angela Holzer, and Enrico Müller (eds.) (review)

pp. 87-88

Nietzsches Befreiung der Philosophie: Kontextuelle Interpretation des V. Buchs der Fröhlichen Wissenschaft by Werner Stegmaier (review)

pp. 89-92

Der französische Nietzsche by Giuliano Campioni (review)

pp. 92-94

Nietzsches Kulturkritik zwischen Philologie und Philosophie by Carlo Gentili (review)

pp. 94-97

Infinite Autonomy: The Divided Individual in the Political Thought of G. W. F. Hegel and Friedrich Nietzsche by Jeffrey Church (review)

pp. 97-100