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Comparative Morphology of the Hominin and African Ape Hyoid Bone, a Possible Marker of the Evolution of Speech

pp. 639-672

Exploring the Relative Importance of Spatial and Environmental Variation on the Craniometrics of the Modern Portuguese

pp. 673-686

Genetic Variation of X-STRs in the Wichí Population from Chaco Province, Argentina

pp. 687-697

Analysis of Uniparental Lineages in Two Villages of Santiago del Estero, Argentina, Seat of Pueblos de Indios in Colonial Times

pp. 699-719

Ancestry Informative Markers Clarify the Regional Admixture Variation in the Costa Rican Population

pp. 721-740

The −9/+9 Polymorphism of the Bradykinin Receptor Beta 2 Gene and Athlete Status: A Study Involving Two European Cohorts

pp. 741-755

Feeling the Heat?: Substantial Variation in Temperatures Does Not Affect the Proportion of Males Born in Australia

pp. 757-767

Review Article

Studies of Human Sex Ratios at Birth May Lead to the Understanding of Several Forms of Pathology

pp. 769-787

Brief Communication

Intermittence for Humans Spreading 45,000 Years Ago: From Eurasia to the Americas

pp. 789-796


Hélène Pagezy, August 2, 1945–March 3, 2013

pp. 797-799

Human Biology Gabriel Ward Lasker Prize 2012

p. 801

AGAR Workshop 2014: A Firsthand Experience

pp. 807-808