restricted access   Volume 6, Issue 1, March 2014

Table of Contents

Commercial Surrogacy, Compensation for Research Participants and Other Arguments for Public Education in Bioethics

pp. 1-7

ABR Essay Prizewinners — Joint First Prize

Perceptions on Undue Inducement for Participation in Clinical Trials in the Philippines

pp. 8-22

Gamete Donation: Ethical Divergences in Islamic Religious Thinking

pp. 23-38


Whether the Doctrine of Informed Consent is Rhetoric: Understanding Autonomy and Informed Consent in the Indian Context

pp. 39-54

The Current State of Surrogate Conception in Japan and the Ethical Assessment of Dr. Yahiro Netsu: An Ethical Investigation of Japanese Reproductive Medicine (Surrogacy)

pp. 55-65

The “Wanted” Child: Identifying the Gaps and Challenges in Commercial Surrogacy in India

pp. 66-82

Global Greed and Prudence: A Reply to Alvarez

pp. 83-95

Student Voices

Clinicians’ and Relatives’ Attitudes towards Informing Senile Patients about their Diagnosis in China

pp. 96-104


pp. 105-106