restricted access   Volume 66, Number 1, March 2014

Table of Contents

Editor’s Note

pp. v-vi


Entertaining Children of All Ages: Nineteenth-Century Popular Theater as Children’s Theater

pp. 1-34

Black Ops: Black Masculinity and the War on Terror

pp. 35-67

Exalted on the Ward: “Mary Roberts,” the Georgia State Sanitarium, and the Psychiatric “Speciality” of Race

pp. 69-94

Neoliberal Temporality: Time-Sense and the Shift from Pensions to 401(k)s

pp. 95-118

Strange Sampling: Nina Simone and Her Hip-Hop Children

pp. 119-137


Introduction: Dimensions of Empire and Resistance: A Forum on the Past, Present, and Future of US (Un)Equal Rights

pp. 139-141

No More Shame! Defeating the New Jim Crow with Antilynching Activism’s Best Tools

pp. 143-152

Observations on History, Law, and the Rise of the New Jim Crow in State-Level Immigration Law and Policy for Latinos

pp. 153-160

Unsettling Citizenship/Circumventing Sovereignty: Reexamining the Quandaries of Contemporary Anticolonialism in the United States through Black Puerto Rican Antiracist Thought

pp. 161-169

The Unequal Promise of Marriage Equality

pp. 171-179

Event Review

The Distant Present of Tarell Alvin McCraney

pp. 181-195

Book Reviews

Anglo-American Exceptionalisms

pp. 197-209

Interventions of Memory and Visibility: Recovering and Reclaiming Filipino American History

pp. 211-221

Recontextualizing Contact: American Origin Stories

pp. 223-234

Our Common Traumas

pp. 235-243

New Orleans Brings It All Together

pp. 245-256


pp. 257-260