restricted access   Volume 18, Number 1, March 2014 (No. 43)

Table of Contents

Preface: Debt, Redress

pp. vii-x

Caribbean Historiography

Guest editors Melanie J. Newton and Matthew J. Smith

Introduction: On History and Justice

pp. 1-6

Borderlands and Border Crossers: Migrants and Boundaries in the Greater Caribbean, 1840–1940

pp. 7-21

On the History and Historiography of Banking in the Caribbean

pp. 22-37

Queering the Pitch from Beyond a Boundary

pp. 38-54

Footprints on the Sea: Finding Haiti in Caribbean Historiography

pp. 55-71

Doing Comparative Caribbean (Gender) History: Puerto Rican and Belizean Working-Class Women, 1830s–1930s

pp. 72-86

Visual Encounters

Just Blue

pp. 87-98

Caribbean Epistemologies

Guest editor Kelly Baker Josephs

Articulating Caribbean Epistemologies

pp. 99-102

Dark Horse Poetics: Lévi-Strauss, Benítez-Rojo, and Caribbean Epistemology

pp. 103-113

The Queer Politics of Crossing in Maryse Condé’s Crossing the Mangrove

pp. 114-124

Much Too Much Selfishness: Holding Neoliberalism at a Distance in Rural Jamaica

pp. 125-137

“Measured by the Compass of Suffering”: Reclaiming Negritude’s Insurgent Dimension

pp. 138-148

Labrish and Mooncakes: The Meeting of Vernaculars in the Work of Easton Lee

pp. 149-160

Things and Time

pp. 161-163

Book Discussion: Deborah A. Thomas, Exceptional Violence: Embodied Citizenship in Transnational Jamaica

Elegies of Diaspora

pp. 164-172

Toward an Anthropology of the Caribbean State

pp. 173-180

Violence, Livity, Freedom

pp. 181-192

Violence, Mourning, and Political Alternatives

pp. 193-199


pp. 200-202