restricted access   Volume 8, Number 1, 2014

Table of Contents

Special Issue on Beyond Tradition: Asian Medicines and STS

Guest Editors: Volker Scheid and Sean Hsiang-Lin Lei



pp. 1-7

Reading Hands: Pulse Qualities and the Specificity of the Clinical

pp. 9-24

Standardization and Its Discontents: Translation, Tension, and the Life of Language in Contemporary Chinese Medicine

pp. 25-42

Herbs, Laboratories, and Revolution: On the Making of a National Medicine in Vietnam

pp. 43-56

The Reformulation Regime in Drug Discovery: Revisiting Polyherbals and Property Rights in the Ayurvedic Industry

pp. 57-79

Colonizing Safety: Creating Risk through the Enforcement of Biomedical Constructions of Safety

pp. 81-106

Convergent Lines of Descent: Symptoms, Patterns, Constellations, and the Emergent Interface of Systems Biology and Chinese Medicine

pp. 107-139

Book Reviews

Biocapital: The Constitution of Postgenomic Life by Kaushik Sunder Rajan (review)

pp. 141-142

Beng shidai: Caituan hua, pinqiong hua, yu shao zinu hua de weiji 崩世代:財團化、 貧窮化與少子女化的危機 [Generation of Collapse: Crises of Capital Monopoly, Poverty, and the Lowest Fertility in Taiwan] by Thung-Hong Lin 林宗弘 et al. (review)

pp. 143-146

Zongjiao yu yiliao 林富 [Religion and Healing] ed. by Fu-shih Lin 宗教與醫療 (review)

pp. 147-149

The Postcolonial Science and Technology Studies Reader ed. by Sandra Harding (review)

pp. 151-153

The Origins of the Developmental State in Taiwan: Science Policy and the Quest for Modernization by Megan J. Greene (review)

pp. 155-157