restricted access   Volume 26, Number 1, 2014

Table of Contents

About the Artist: Visesio Poasi Siasau

pp. vi-191

The Pacific Islands

p. viii


Climate-Change Migration in the Pacific

pp. 1-28

In Their Own Voices: Contemporary Native Hawaiian and Archaeological Narratives about Hawaiian Archaeology

pp. 31-62

Is Genetic Labeling of “Risk” Related to Obesity Contributing to Resistance and Fatalism in Polynesian Communities?

pp. 65-93


Oceanic Historicities

pp. 96-124

Being “Nesian”: Pacific Islander Identity in Australia

pp. 126-154


Gathering the ’Net: Efforts and Challenges in Archiving Pacific Websites

pp. 157-166

Political Reviews

Micronesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013


pp. 170-177

Marshall Islands

pp. 177-184

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

pp. 184-190

Polynesia in Review: Issues and Events. 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013

French Polynesia

pp. 192-208

Māori Issues

pp. 208-214

Rapa Nui

pp. 214-225

Wallis and Futuna

pp. 225-229

Book and Media Reviews

Oceania at the Tropenmuseum by David van Duuren, Steven Vink, Daan van Dartel, Hanneke Hollander, and Denise Frank (review)

pp. 232-234

Vestiges d’une histoire Marquisienne: Contribution à l’archéologie de Ua Huka by Eric Conte and Guillaume Molle, and: Te Tahata: Etude d’une marae de Topoto (Nord); Archipel des Tuamotu, Polynésie française by Eric Conte and Kenneth J Dennison (review)

pp. 234-237

Echoes at Fishermen’s Rock: Traditional Tokelau Fishing by Elders from Atafu Atoll (review)

pp. 237-239

Théâtre océanien: Anthologie edited and translated by Sonia Lacabanne, and: Urbanesia: Four Pasifika Plays edited by David O’Donnell (review)

pp. 240-245

The Missing King by Moetai Brotherson (review)

pp. 245-247

Daughters of Fire by Tom Peek (review)

pp. 247-249

Managing Modernity in the Western Pacific edited by Mary Patterson and Martha Macintyre (review)

pp. 249-251

Communication, Culture and Society in Papua New Guinea: Yu Tok Wanem? edited by Evangelia Papoutsaki, Michael McManus, and Patrick Matbob (review)

pp. 251-254

Canning Paradise by Olivier Pollet (review)

pp. 254-255

The Land of Eb by John Hill and Andrew Williamson (review)

pp. 255-258


pp. 259-261