restricted access   Volume 54, 2013

Table of Contents


pp. vii-xi

Storytelling and Authorship

The Question of “what Cause?”: Storytelling Angels and Versions of Causation in Paradise Lost

pp. 3-27

Adamic Awakening and the Feeling of Being Alive in Paradise Lost

pp. 29-57

Milton: The Muses, the Prophets, the Spirit, and Prophetic Poetry

pp. 59-78

Sound, Space, and the Self

“Blest pair of Sirens … Voice and Verse”: Milton’s Rhetoric of Song

pp. 81-106

Satan’s Mural Breaches: Transgression and Self-Violation in Paradise Lost

pp. 107-135

Polemics and Religion

Areopagitica and the Limits of Pluralism

pp. 139-160

Praying in Paradise: Recasting Milton’s Iconoclasm in Paradise Lost

pp. 161-180

The Origins and Development of Milton’s Theology in De doctrina Christiana, 1.17–18

pp. 181-206


Propitious Guests: Paradise Lost and Epic Hospitality

pp. 209-227

Satire and Speculation in Milton’s Limbo

pp. 229-258

Milton’s Early Black Sisterhood

pp. 259-290


pp. 359-371