restricted access   Volume 47, Number 3, Spring 2014

Table of Contents


Swift’s Solar Gourds and the Rhetoric of Projection

pp. 245-260

Sexual Arithmetic: Appetite and Consumption in The Way of the World

pp. 261-276

Suicide Notes and Popular Sensibility in the Eighteenth-Century British Press

pp. 277-291

British Conservatism, the Illuminati, and the Conspiracy Theory of the French Revolution, 1797–1802

pp. 293-312

Primary Sources in Context

The Landlord’s Tale (1708): An Introduction and Contextualization

pp. 313-320

The Landlord’s Tale (1708)

pp. 321-342

Review Articles

Friendship in Fashion, Manuscripts, Scriptures, and Death

pp. 343-349

Assessing the Cosmopolitan

pp. 349-352

Be More Cynical

pp. 352-356

Single Title Reviews

Mourning Happiness: Narrative and the Politics of Modernity by Vivasvan Soni (review)

pp. 357-359

Fiction and the Philosophy of Happiness: Ethical Inquiries in the Age of Enlightenment by Brian Michael Norton (review)

pp. 360-361

Books received from September through November 2013

pp. 363-368