restricted access   Volume 15, Number 1, Winter 2014 (New Series)

Table of Contents

Open Letter on Open Access

pp. 1-6

From the Editors

Economy and Power in the Soviet Union, 1917–39

pp. 7-22

Forum: Stalinism and the Economy

Depression Stalinism: The Great Break Reconsidered

pp. 23-49

The Politics of Crisis: Economy, Ethnicity, and Trotskyism in Belorussia

pp. 51-76

“Colonizers with Party Cards”: Soviet Internal Colonialism in Central Asia, 1917–39

pp. 77-102

The Right of Inheritance and the Stalin Revolution

pp. 103-123


Economics and the Establishment of Stalinism

pp. 125-132

Classics in Retrospect

Uspenskii and Zhivov on Tsar, God, and Pretenders: Semiotics and the Sacralization of the Monarch

pp. 133-149

Review Essay

Religion in Modern Russia: Revival and Survival

pp. 151-168


Belief and Unbelief in Russia

pp. 169-179

Putting the Dacha in Its Place

pp. 180-183

Confessional Politics and Religious Loyalties in the Russian–Polish Borderlands

pp. 184-196

Jews and the State in the Russian Empire

pp. 197-206

World War I on the Eastern Front

pp. 207-216

Leadership Transition and Policy Change in the USSR after Stalin

pp. 217-228

Contributors to This Issue

pp. 229-230