restricted access   Volume 25, Number 1, February 2014 Supplement

Table of Contents


1988–1990: A Look Back

pp. vi-ix


25th Anniversary Supplement of the Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved

pp. x-xiv

Heroes and Great Ideas Columns

Hero: David Satcher, MD, PhD

pp. 1-3

Reports from the Field

Working with Communities to Achieve Health Equity in Maryland’s Five Health Enterprise Zones

pp. 4-10

Engaging Underserved Populations in Affordable Care Act-required Needs Assessments

pp. 11-18

Workforce Development in Maryland to Promote Clinical-Community Connections that Advance Payment and Delivery Reform

pp. 19-29

DC Healthy Communities Collaborative (DCHCC): A Promising Collaboration to Reduce Health Disparities in the Nation’s Capital

pp. 30-35


Challenges and Opportunities for Integrating Preventive Substance-Use-Care Services in Primary Care through the Affordable Care Act

pp. 36-45

The Affordable Care Act and Genetic Testing for Inheritable Cancer Syndromes: Impact on High-Risk Underserved Minorities

pp. 46-62

Original Papers

The Experiences of Massachusetts Hospitals as Statewide Health Insurance Reform Was Implemented

pp. 63-78

The Projected Effect of the Affordable Care Act on Dental Care for Adult Medicaid Enrollees

pp. 79-94

The Impact of Health Insurance Reform on Insurance Instability

pp. 95-108

The Impact of Insurance Coverage during Insurance Reform on Diagnostic Resolution of Cancer Screening Abnormalities

pp. 109-121

Dissemination and Adoption of the Advanced Primary Care Model in the Maryland Multi-Payer Patient Centered Medical Home Program

pp. 122-138

Reducing Cancer Disparities through Community Engagement in Policy Development: The Role of Cancer Councils

pp. 139-150

Shaking Up the Dental Safety-net: Elimination of Optional Adult Dental Medicaid Benefits in California

pp. 151-164

Literature Review

What Can Be Learned from the Types of Community Benefit Programs that Hospitals Already Have in Place?

pp. 165-193