restricted access   Volume 26, Number 2, December 2013

Table of Contents


The Elusive Path to Sagehood: Origins of the Confucian Academy System in Chosŏn Korea

pp. 233-268

“The Mystery of the Century:” Lay Buddhist Monk Villages (Chaegasŭngch’on) Near Korea’s Northernmost Border, 1600s–1960s

pp. 269-305

Chengde and the Barbarians: Reading Ethnicity and Difference in Pak Chiwŏn’s Yŏrha ilgi

pp. 307-334

Deconstructing the Official History of Koryŏ in Late Chosŏn: The Discovery of the Un’gok sisa and the Refutation of the Theory that Sin Ton Sired Kings U and Ch'ang

pp. 335-360

More Valuable than Gold: Korean Tungsten and the Japanese War Economy, 1910 to 1945

pp. 361-395

Book Notes

Qiannian luanju, zhengba dongbei Ya: cong Sui Yangdi san zheng Gaojuli dao Tang fengman tianxia (Millennium of chaos, struggle for hegemony in Northeast Asia: from the three Sui campaigns against Koguryŏ to the pervading influence of Tang China) by Fang Yu (review)

pp. 397-399

Koreiskii etiket: opyt’etnograficheskogo issledovaniia (Korean etiquette: an ethnographic study) by Denis A. Samsonov (review)

pp. 399-401

Yuanchao yu Gaoli guanxi yanjiu (A study of the Yuan-Koryŏ relationship) by Oyungġuu-a (Wuyuan Gaowa) (review)

pp. 402-405

Kyŏnggye ŭi yŏsŏngdŭl: Han’guk kŭndae yŏsŏngsa (Women standing on the margins: modern Korean women’s history) edited by Chŏng Chinsŏng (review)

pp. 405-407