restricted access   Volume 15, Number 3, October 2013

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Artists and Adaptation
From the 8th International Conference in Rome


From the Mast-Head

pp. 1-2


Special Issue: On Artists and Adaptation Introduction

pp. 4-5

The Whiteness, An Unreadable Book

pp. 6-15

A Closer Reading

pp. 16-26

Franco Fortunato’s Mythic and Mystical Moby-Dick

pp. 27-40

From Ancient Rome to Modern Italy: Italian Art in Melville’s Print Collection

pp. 41-54

Melville and the Trope of the Starving American Artist in Rome

pp. 55-65

Melville’s “Statues in Rome,” Billy Budd, and the Death of Delight

pp. 66-80

Hunting Moby Dick: Melville in the Global Context of the American Studies Classroom

pp. 81-89

Pulp(y) Fiction: A Dylan Dog Adaptation of Moby-Dick

pp. 90-103

In the Shadow of No Whales: Rewriting Moby-Dick in Samuel R. Delany’s Nova

pp. 104-116

“Something Further May Follow”: Melville’s Legacy and Contemporary Adaptations of The Confidence-Man

pp. 117-130


All Astir

pp. 132-137

Abstracts: ALA 2013-Boston

pp. 139-141