restricted access   Volume 44, Number 4, Spring 2014

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Animal Protein and Rational Choice: Diet in the Eighteenth Century

pp. 427-452

Communication and State Construction: The Postal Service in German States, 1815–1866

pp. 453-473

Why “Race Suicide”?: Cultural Factors in U.S. Fertility Decline, 1903–1908

pp. 475-508

World Population Growth: The Force of Recent Historical Trends

pp. 509-525


Nations: The Long History and Deep Roots of Political Ethnicity and Nationalism by Azar Gat with Alexander Yakobson (review)

pp. 527-528

The Faith of Remembrance: Marrano Labyrinths by Nathan Wachtel (review)

pp. 528-529

Hopes for Better Spouses: Protestant Marriage and Church Renewal in Early Modern Europe, India, and North America by A. G. Roeber (review)

pp. 530-531

The Business of Transatlantic Migration between Europe and the United States, 1900–1914: Mass Migration as a Transnational Business in Long Distance Travel by Drew Keeling (review)

pp. 531-532

Paths toward the Modern Fiscal State: England, Japan, and China by Wenkai He (review)

pp. 532-533

A History of Prejudice: Race, Caste and Difference in India and the United States by Gyanendra Pandey (review)

pp. 533-535

The Roman Market Economy by Peter Temin (review)

pp. 535-536

Environment, Society and Landscape in Early Medieval England: Time and Topography by Tom Williamson (review)

pp. 537-538

Making Toleration: The Repealers and the Glorious Revolution by Scott Sowerby (review)

pp. 538-539

The Last Blank Spaces: Exploring Africa and Australia by Dane Kennedy (review)

pp. 539-540

The Flower of Empire: An Amazonian Water Lily, the Quest to Make It Bloom, and the World It Created by Tatiana Holway (review)

pp. 541-542

Financing the Raj: The City of London and Colonial India, 1858–1940 by David Sutherland (review)

pp. 542-543

Gusto for Things: A History of Objects in Seventeenth-Century Rome by Renata Ago (review)

pp. 543-544

Crime and Culture in Early Modern Germany by Joy Wiltenburg (review)

pp. 545-546

Club Red: Vacation Travel and the Soviet Dream by Diane P. Koenker (review)

pp. 546-547

Native and Spanish New Worlds: Sixteenth-Century Entradas in the American Southwest and Southeast ed. by Clay Mathers, Jeffrey M. Mitchem, and Charles M. Haecker (review)

pp. 547-548

The Contest for the Delaware Valley: Allegiance, Identity, and Empire in the Seventeenth Century by Mark L. Thompson (review)

pp. 549-550

Native Apostles: Black and Indian Missionaries in the British Atlantic World by Edward E. Andrews (review)

pp. 550-552

Merit: The History of a Founding Ideal from the American Revolution to the Twenty-First Century by Joseph F. Kett (review)

pp. 552-554

Mere Equals: The Paradox of Educated Women in the Early American Republic by Lucia McMahon, and: Dolley Madison: The Problem of National Unity by Catherine Allgor (review)

pp. 554-556

Free Trade and Sailors’ Rights in the War of 1812 by Paul A. Gilje (review)

pp. 556-557

Signposts: New Directions in Southern Legal History ed. by Sally E. Hadden and Patricia Hagler Minter (review)

pp. 558-559

Modern Food, Moral Food: Self-Control, Science, and the Rise of Modern American Eating in the Early Twentieth Century by Helen Zoe Veit (review)

pp. 559-560

The Rise of Liberal Religion: Book Culture and American Spirituality in the Twentieth Century by Matthew S. Hedstrom (review)

pp. 560-562

FDR and the Jews by Richard Breitman and Allan J. Lichtman (review)

pp. 562-564

Return from the Natives: How Margaret Mead Won the Second World War and Lost the Cold War by Peter Mandler (review)

pp. 564-565

Industry & Revolution: Social and Economic Change in the Orizaba Valley, Mexico by Aurora Gomez-Galvarriato (review)

pp. 565-566

The Culture of Colonialism: The Cultural Subjection of Ukaguru by T. O. Beidelman (review)

pp. 566-567

Mabiki: Infanticide and Population Growth in Eastern Japan, 1660–1950 by Fabian Drixler (review)

pp. 567-568

Capital as Will and Imagination by Mark Metzler (review)

pp. 569-570

The Journal of Interdisciplinary History: Contents, Volume xliv , 2013–2014

pp. 571-573