restricted access   Volume 47, Number 1, 2014

Table of Contents


Research-Creation: Methodological Issues

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Leonardo Gallery

Swarm Art

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Smart Art Gallery

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Artist's Article

Can Personal Meaning Be Derived from Science?

pp. 19-26

General Note

Zdeněk Sýkora and François Morellet: Parallels and Complementarity

pp. 27-31

Color Plates

Color Plate Insert

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General Articles

Sensing Nanotechnologies through the Arts: Seeing and Making on the Surface of Things

pp. 36-42

A Viewpoint on the Computing-Art Dialogue: The Classification of Interactive Digital Artworks

pp. 43-49

Open Source Architecture: An Exploration of Source Code and Access in Architectural Design

pp. 51-55

Historical Perspective

Systems and Automatisms: Jack Burnham, Stanley Cavell and the Evolution of a Neoliberal Aesthetic

pp. 56-62

Special Section of Leonardo Transactions: Water Is In the Air

Water is in the Air—: Introduction

p. 65

Science and Art of Sculpturing Fluids

pp. 66-67

Walking Clouds and Augmented Reverie

pp. 68-69

Memory Vapor

pp. 70-71

On the Modification of Man-Made Clouds: The Factory Cloud

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pp. 74-75

Anti-entropic Role of Art

pp. 76-77

The Durance: Interlaced Waters: Art-Science Collaborations and Audiovisual Research

pp. 78-79

Around the Cusp Singularity and the Breaking of Waves

pp. 80-82


Visualizing the News: Mutant Barcodes and Geographies of Conflict

pp. 84-85

Mimetic Inquiry: Ethnography, Creative Analysis, and Digital Tools

pp. 86-87

Appropriate Sound Effector for Electronic Music Prototyping

pp. 88-89

Alternative Ways of Seeing the Inner Body: An Arts-Led Approach to Visualising MRI Scan Data

pp. 90-91

Leonardo Reviews

Lesabéndio: An Asteroid Novel by Paul Scheerbart (review)

pp. 93-94

Philosophical essays: a critical edition—Fernando Pessoa edited by Nuno Ribeiro (review)

pp. 94-95

Wartime Kiss: Visions Of The Moment In The 1940s by Alexander Nemerov (review)

pp. 95-96

What Was Contemporary Art? by Richard Meyer (review)

pp. 96-98

Afterimage of Empire: Photography In Nineteenth-Century India by Zahid R. Chaudhary (review)

pp. 98-99

Mute Poetry, Speaking Pictures by Leonard Barkan (review)

pp. 99-100

The Fourth Dimension and Non-Euclidean Geometry in Modern Art, Revised Edition by Linda Dalrymple Henderson (review)

pp. 100-101

My Life by Isadora Duncan with an introduction by Joan Acocella (review)

pp. 101-102

Beyond Contemporary Art by Etan Jonathan Ilfeld (review)

pp. 102-103

Illusions in Motion: Media Archaeology of the Moving Panorama and Related Spectacles by Erkki Huhtamo (review)

pp. 103-104

Leonardo Reviews On-Line

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Leonardo Network News

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