restricted access   Volume 87, Number 1, Winter 2014

Table of Contents

Special Collection: Resource Materialities: New Anthropological Perspectives on Natural Resource Environments

Introduction: Resource Materialities

pp. 5-30

Land, Copper, Flora: Dominant Materialities and the Making of Ecuadorian Resource Environments

pp. 31-58

Multiple Sea Snails: The Uncertain Becoming of an Alien Species

pp. 59-91

Rumors of Red Mercury: Histories of Materiality and Sociality in the Resources of Kitui, Kenya

pp. 93-118


Hunter and Prey: Patrolling Clandestine Migration in the Euro-African Borderlands

pp. 119-149

For Social Emergencies “We Are 9-1-1”: How Journalists Perform the State in an Argentine Border Town

pp. 151-181

Migrant Assemblages: Building Postsocialist Households with Kyrgyz Remittances

pp. 183-215

Social Thought and Commentary

States of Conservation: Protection, Politics, and Pacting within UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee

pp. 217-243

Book Review Essay

The Cost of Collaboration: Reflections Upon Randall Collins’ Theory of Collective Intellectual Production via Émile Durkheim: A Biography

pp. 245-254

New Release Book Reviews

Malignant: How Cancer Becomes Us by S. Lochlann Jain (review)

pp. 255-267

Democracy Against Development: Lower Caste Politics, and Political Modernity in Postcolonial India by Jeffrey Witsoe (review)

pp. 269-279

Black Women Against the Land Grab: The Fight for Racial Justice in Brazil by Keisha-Khan Perry (review)

pp. 281-286

Book Reviews

Bukharan Jews and the Dynamics of Global Judaism by Alanna E. Cooper (review)

pp. 287-290

Maya after War: Conflict, Power, and Politics in Guatemala by Jennifer L. Burrell (review)

pp. 291-295

Recreating First Contact: Expeditions, Anthropology, and Popular Culture edited by Joshua A. Bell, Alison K. Brown, and Robert J. Gordon (review)

pp. 297-301