free access   Number 17, January 2014

Table of Contents


Afghanistan Beyond 2014: The Search for Security in the Heart of Asia

free access   Afghanistan Beyond 2014: The Search for Security in the Heart of Asia

pp. 2-5

free access   The United States and Afghanistan: A Diminishing Transactional Relationship

pp. 6-12

free access   Putin’s Predicament: Russia and Afghanistan after 2014

pp. 13-17

free access   The Limits of Cooperation: Central Asia, Afghanistan, and the New Silk Road

pp. 18-26

free access   Securing Indian Interests in Afghanistan Beyond 2014

pp. 27-32

free access   The New Great Game: Pakistan’s Approach to Afghanistan after 2014

pp. 33-39

free access   Iran and Afghanistan: The Urgent Need for Inclusive Regional Diplomacy

pp. 40-46

free access   The Persian Gulf States and Afghanistan: Regional Geopolitics and Competing Interests

pp. 47-53

free access   Chinese Views of Post-2014 Afghanistan

pp. 54-58

free access   Japanese Assistance in Afghanistan: Helping the United States, Acting Globally, and Making a Friend

pp. 59-65

Policy Essay

free access   Global Swing States: Deepening Partnerships with India and Indonesia

pp. 67-92


free access   Ripples of Change in Chinese Foreign Policy? Evidence from Recent Approaches to Nontraditional Waterborne Security

pp. 93-126

free access   The Role of Peacekeeping in Mongolia’s Military Strategy: A New Paradigm for Security

pp. 127-146

Book Review Roundtable

Richard J. Samuels’s 3.11: Disaster and Change in Japan

free access   Making Sense of the Disaster

pp. 148-150

free access   Japan Could Change While Staying the Course

pp. 151-155

free access   3.11 and the U.S.-Japan Alliance: Building on Success for the Next Generation

pp. 155-159

free access   3.11 and Japan’s Shift to Smart, Distributed Power

pp. 159-164

free access   Long-Awaited Self-Rule on the Horizon?

pp. 165-167

free access   3.11 and Policy Advocacy in Japan

pp. 168-171

free access   Author’s Response: 3.11 and the Fog of Politics

pp. 172-178