restricted access   Volume 94, Number 4, November 2013

Table of Contents

‘Musica est Optimum’: Martin Luther’s Theory of Music

pp. 573-605

Beyond the Composer-Conductor Dichotomy: Bernstein’s Copland-Inspired Mahler Advocacy

pp. 606-627

Distributed Creativity and Ecological Dynamics: A Case Study of Liza Lim’s ‘Tongue of The Invisible’

pp. 628-663


The Politics of the New Music

pp. 664-671


The Cambridge Companion to Medieval Music ed. by Mark Everist (review)

pp. 672-674

Albion and Albanius by Louis Grabu, and: Venus and Adonis by John Blow (review)

pp. 674-680

The Theatre Career of Thomas Arne by Todd Gilman (review)

pp. 680-682

Our Ancient National Airs: Scottish Song Collecting from the Enlightenment to the Romantic Era by Karen McAulay (review)

pp. 682-684

L’Opéra de Paris, la Comédie-Française et l’Opéra-Comique: Approches comparées (1669–2010) ed. by Sabine Chaouche, Denis Herlin, and Solveig Serre (review)

pp. 684-688

The Italian Traditions and Puccini: Compositional Theory and Practice in Nineteenth-Century Opera by Nicholas Baragwanath (review)

pp. 689-690

The Politics of Plainchant in Fin-de-Siècle France by Katharine Ellis (review)

pp. 690-693

Melodramatic Voices: Understanding Music Drama ed. by Sarah Hibberd (review)

pp. 693-696

Češki glasbeniki v 19. in na začetku 20. stolet ja na Slovenskem by Jernej Weiss (review)

pp. 696-697

Camille Saint-Saëns 1835—1921: A Thematic Catalogue of his Complete Works. Volume 2: The Dramatic Works by Sabina Teller Ratner (review)

pp. 697-699

Composing for the Red Screen: Prokofiev and Soviet Film by Kevin Bartig (review)

pp. 699-701

Edward Elgar: Letters of a Lifetime ed. by Jerrold Northrop Moore (review)

pp. 701-704

Letters from a Life: The Selected Letters of Benjamin Britten Volume Six: 1966–1976 ed. by Philip Reed and Mervyn Cooke, and: Britten in Pictures by Lucy Walker (review)

pp. 704-707

Irving Berlin’s American Musical Theatre by Jeffrey Magee (review)

pp. 707-709

György Ligeti: Of Foreign Lands and Strange Sounds ed. by Louise Duchesneau and Wolfgang Marx (review)

pp. 709-712

Stockhausen: A Theological Interpretation by Thomas Ulrich (review)

pp. 712-715

John Cage by Rob Haskins (review)

pp. 715-717

The Legacy of Cornelius Cardew by Tony Harris (review)

pp. 717-719

Liveness in Modern Music: Musicians, Technology, and the Perception of Performance by Paul Sanden (review)

pp. 719-721

Sonic Multiplicities: Hong Kong Pop and the Global Circulation of Sound and Image by Yiu Fai Chow and Jeroen de Kloet (review)

pp. 721-723

Postmodernism in Music by Kenneth Gloag (review)

pp. 723-727

Correspondence: To the Editors of ‘Music & Letters’

pp. 728-729

The Westrup Prize

p. 730

‘Music & Letters’ Awards

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Authors of Articles in this Issue

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Books Received

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Contents, Vol. 94

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Reviews of Books: Index

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