restricted access   Volume 33, Number 5, October 2000

Table of Contents

The New York Digital Salon 2000: A Coming of Age

pp. 345-346

Digital Salon Essays

CollageMachine: An Interactive Agent of Web Recombination

pp. 347-350

The Cybernetics of Performance and New Media Art

pp. 351-354

Color, Form, and Motion: Dimensions of a Musical Art of Light

pp. 355-360

Cyborgs, Agents, and Transhumanists: Crossing Traditional Borders of Body and Identity in the Context of New Technology

pp. 361-365

Special Section: The Art of the Game

The Art of the Gene: Editor’s Introduction

pp. 368-369

Gene Culture: Molecular Metaphor in Visual Art

pp. 371-375

The Fine Art of Creating Life

pp. 377-380

“Reality,” Artificial Reproduction, and Sexuality

pp. 381-385

Digital Salon Catalog

Juror’s Statement: The Semiotic Ghost

pp. 386-387

Computer Animations

pp. 389-401

Gallery Artworks

pp. 403-427

Web Sites

pp. 429-433

Exhibiting Artists

pp. 434-435


p. 436

Artists' Statements

Graphic Tango

p. 437


p. 438

The Vanishing Human

p. 438

Aitz Chayim

pp. 438-439

Halo and Perforation

p. 439

Cellular Study 1

pp. 439-440

Jonathan Morse

p. 440


pp. 440-441

Kevin Mutch

p. 441

Manfred Mohr

pp. 441-442

Unconscious Flow

p. 442

To Be Alive, To No Longer Be Alive, and Yet to Be Alive

p. 443

X/Y Machina

pp. 443-444

Michael Trott

pp. 444-445

Terminal Time

pp. 445-446

Leonardo/ISAST News: The Newsletter of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology

pp. 447-450