restricted access   Volume 32, Number 5, October 1999

Table of Contents

Digital Salon Chair’s Statement: Digital Art: A Glass Bead Game?

pp. 349-351

Digital Salon Essays

Hypermedia, Eternal Life, and the Impermanence Agent

pp. 353-358

Life and Death in the Digital World of the Plaintext Players

pp. 359-364

Into the Belly of the Image: Historical Aspects of Virtual Reality

pp. 365-371

The Growing Brain, The Shrinking Ego: Self and Identity Redefined in the New Media Age

pp. 373-378

From the Back of the Eyelids: Public and Private Space in an Interactive Installation

pp. 379-382

The Corporeal Stenographer: Language, Gesture, and Cyberspace

pp. 383-389

Special Section: Synesthesia

Introduction: Synesthetic Fusion in the Digital Age

pp. 391-392

The Dichromaccord: Reinventing the Elusive Color Organ

pp. 393-398

Synesthetic Art—An Imaginary Number?

pp. 399-404

Active Vision: Controlling Sound with Eye Movements

pp. 405-411

Digital Salon Catalog

Digital Director’s Statement: The Digital and the Physical

p. 412

Exhibiting Artists

pp. 413-414

Gallery Artworks

pp. 415-436

Computer Animations

pp. 437-448

Net Works

pp. 449-455

Artists’ Statements

pp. 457-463


p. 464

Leonardo/ISAST News: The Newsletter of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology

pp. 465-467