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Leonardo Art/Science Network under Legal Attack

p. 1


Power and Responsibility: Politics, Identity and Technology in Music

pp. 1-2


Grass Roots

p. 3

Faust Music On Line: An Approach to Real-Time Collective Composition on the Internet

pp. 5-12

Making Music on the Web

pp. 13-17

Free Enterprise: Virtual Capital and Counterfeit Music at the End of the Century

pp. 19-22

Talking Drum: A Local Area Network Music Installation

pp. 23-28

BMB con.: Collaborative Experiences with Sound, Image and Space

pp. 29-34

Reunion: John Cage, Marcel Duchamp, Electronic Music and Chess

pp. 35-42


Marx Bro.

pp. 43-44

Beyond Asian American Jazz: My Musical and Political Changes in the Asian American Movement

pp. 45-51

Global Village, Local Universe: A Statement of Identity

pp. 53-62

Music, Language and Environment

pp. 63-67

Symphony Orchestras and Artist-Prophets: Cultural Isomorphism and the Allocation of Power in Music

pp. 69-75

Parma Manifesto

pp. 77-78


Facing the Music: Perspectives on Machine-Composed Music

pp. 79-87

Exploring the Self Through Algorithmic Composition

pp. 89-94

Change Over Time: Responsibility and Power in the Midst of Catastrophe

pp. 95-101

The Cultural Role and Communicative Properties of Scientifically Derived Compositional Theories

pp. 103-106

Improvising Machines: Spectral Dance and Token Objects

pp. 107-114

The Aesthetics and Technological Aspects of Virtual Musical Instruments: The Case of the SuperPolm MIDI Violin

pp. 115-120

LMJ Web Abstracts

pp. 121-122

CD Companion

Power and Responsibility: Converted to Streaming Between Machines

pp. 123-126

Power and Responsibility: Conversations with Contributors

pp. 127-133

Small Manual of the Leonardo Music Media Journal Machine

pp. 135-137

1999 Author Index: Leonardo Volume 32 and Leonardo Music Journal Volume 9

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