restricted access   Volume 5, 1995

Table of Contents


An Unheard-of Organology

pp. 1-3

Artists' Articles

Chromatic Notation of Music: Transforming Bach and Webern into Color and Light

pp. 5-10

Orchestrating the Chimera: Musical Hybrids, Technology and the Development of a “Maximalist” Musical Style

pp. 11-18

Artists' Notes

Acoustic and Virtual Space as a Dynamic Element of Music

pp. 19-22

More than Just Notes: Psychoacoustics and Composition

pp. 23-28

Reflections on Collaborative Process and Compositional Revolution

pp. 29-32

Technical Article

Thresholds of Confidence: An Analysis of Statistical Methods for Composition: Part 1: Theory

pp. 33-38

Historical Perspective

The History of Electroacoustic Music in the Czech and Slovak Republics

pp. 39-48

Theoretical Perspectives

A Hierarchical Theory of Aesthetic Perception: Scales in the Visual Arts

pp. 49-55

Inventing Images: Constructing and Contesting Gender in Thinking about Electroacoustic Music

pp. 57-66

CD Companion

Innovation in Contemporary Japanese Composition

pp. 67-68


pp. 69-70

Contributors’ Notes

pp. 71-74


Cassette Culture, by Peter Manuel (review)

pp. 75-76

Elsewheres, by Hal Rammel (review)

p. 76

Places, Times and People by David Borden (review)

p. 76

Wreckin’ Ball, by The Hub (review)

p. 76

Materials Received

p. 77

1995 Index: Leonardo Volume 28 and Leonardo Music Journal Volume 5

pp. 78-81