restricted access   Volume 14, Number 1, Winter 1981

Table of Contents

Articles by Atists

My Sculpture Combining Oak and Stainless Steel

pp. 1-4

‘Timepieces’: A Series of Static and Kinetic Sculptural Constructions

pp. 5-12

On My Work as a Painter: A Memoir

pp. 13-16

From Realistic Nature Studies to Geometric Nonfigurative Paintings in Which Identical Shapes Appear in Different Colors

pp. 17-21

General Article

Visual Art: The Role of Capillarity and Rheological Properties in Painting

pp. 22-27



A Commentary on the Book Visual Art, Mathematics and Computers: Selections from the Journal Leonardo

pp. 28-30

On the Application of the Golden Ratio in the Visual Arts

pp. 31-32

The International Colour Association (A.I.C.) Study Group on Colour Education

pp. 33-34

Changes in Relief and Color Over a Series of Pictorial Works

pp. 35-36

Performance Art: What Is It?

p. 37

‘Light Symphony, No. 1’: A Kinetic Pictorial Artwork with Light

pp. 38-40

Definitions and Values of Archaism and the Archaic Style

pp. 41-44

Scalebound or Scaling shapes: A Useful Distinction in the Visual Arts and in the Natural Sciences

pp. 45-47

Commentary on the Book The Concept of Style

pp. 48-50


Art in the Law

pp. 51-56

Academics and their Writing

p. 57

Painting Influences (Malerische Einflüsse)

p. 58


pp. 59-60


This Amazing, Amazing, Amazing but Knowable Universe by V. S. Gott, and: Cosmos, Earth and Man: A Short History of the Universe by Preston Cloud (review)

p. 64

The Dancing Wu Li Masters: an Overview of the New Physics by Gary Zukav (review)

pp. 64-65

Technology at the Turning Point ed. by William B. Pickett (review)

p. 65

Toward a Post-Industrial Psychology: Emerging Perspectives on Technology, Work, Education and Leisure by Don Mankin (review)

p. 66

Every Object Is a System: A Cognitive Basis for System Description by Patric Doyle (review)

p. 66

Principles of Visual Perception by Carolyn M. Bloomer (review)

pp. 66-67

Color Vision: An Historical Introduction by Gerald S. Wasserman (review)

p. 67

The Interpretation of Visual Motion by Shimon Ullman (review)

pp. 67-68

Biology and Ethics: Reflections Inspired by a Unesco Symposium by Bruno Ribes (review)

p. 68

Renaissance Man and Creative Thinking: A History of Concepts of Harmony 1400–1700 by Dorothy Koenigsberger (review)

pp. 68-69

Human Emotions by Carroll E. Izard (review)

p. 69

Lying, Despair, Jealousy, Sex, Suicide, Drugs and the Good Life by Leslie H. Farber (review)

pp. 69-70

Symbol, Myth and Culture: Essays and Lectures by Ernst Cassirer, 1935–1945 ed. by Donald P. Varene (review)

p. 70

The Quest for Gaia: A Book of Changes by Kit Pedler (review)

pp. 70-71

The Aesthetic Dimension: Towards a Critique of Marxist Aesthetics by Herbert Marcuse (review)

p. 71

Esthetics Contemporary ed. by Richard Kostelanetz (review)

pp. 71-72

German Romantics in Context by Roger Cardinal (review)

p. 72

Romantic Roots in Modern Art; Romanticism and Expressionism: A Study in Comparative Aesthetics by August K. Wiedmann (review)

pp. 72-73

Images of Horror and Fantasy by Gert Schiff (review)

p. 73

Musical Instruments and Their Symbolism in Western Art: Studies in Musical Iconology by Emanuel Winternitz (review)

pp. 73-74

The Arts Betrayed by John Smith (review)

p. 74

The Artist and the Camera by Albert Michini (review)

pp. 74-75

James McNeill Whistler by Hilary Taylor (review)

p. 75

William Holman Hunt and Typological Symbolism by George P. Landow (review)

p. 75

The Best of Aubrey Beardsley by Kenneth Clark (review)

pp. 75-76

Drawings by Wharton Esherick ed. Gene Rochberg (review)

p. 76

The Legacy of Mark Rothko: An Exposé of the Greatest Scandal of Our Century by Lee Seldes (review)

p. 76

Bernard Berenson. The Making of a Connoisseur by Ernest Samuels (review)

p. 77

Meet Moses: Fifty-Four Drawings by Mortimer Borne (review)

p. 77

Five Hundred Years of Art in Illustration by Howard Simon, and: Printmaking in Britain by Richard T. Godfrey (review)

p. 77

Making Artist’s Tools by Vance Studley (review)

pp. 77-78

Polyhedra Primer by Peter Pearce and Susan Price (review)

p. 78

Digital Interfacing with an Analog World by Joseph J. Carr (review)

p. 78

The Master Handbook of Electrical Wiring by Art Margolis (review)

pp. 78-79

303 Dynamic Electronic Circuits by Frank P. Tedeschi and Raymond W. McIntyre, and: How to Repair Video Games by Robert Goodman (review)

p. 79

American Furniture and Its Makers: Winterthur Portfolio 13 ed. by Ian M. G. Quimby (review)

p. 79

The Evolution of Designs: Biological Analogy in Architecture and the Applied Arts by Philip Steadman (review)

p. 80

A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction by Christopher Alexander (review)

pp. 80-81

Educreation and Feedback: Education for Creation, Growth and Change by Paul Ritter (review)

p. 81

Books Received

pp. 81-82


pp. 83-88