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From: Leonardo

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Articles by Artists

Recursive Patterns or the Garden of Forking Paths

pp. 177-182

My Kinetic Artworks and Paintings (1971–1982)

pp. 183-187

Lumia Kinetic Art with Music: My Theatre of Light

pp. 188-192

General Articles

Endymion’s Moonbath: Art and Science in Girodet’s Early Masterpiece

pp. 193-198

Collage as Jokework: Freud’s Theories of Wit as the Foundation for the Collages of Max Ernst

pp. 199-204


Size Constancy, Terry Pope’s Glasses, and the Moon Illusion

pp. 205-207

Order in Art and Science

pp. 208-209

Space Art: The Impact of Space-Age Technology on Representational Art

pp. 210-212

An Art-Science Workshop in Edinburgh

pp. 213-214

Avgust Černigoj and his Constructivism: A Memoir

pp. 215-218

A New Medium for Expression: Painting with Liquid Crystals

pp. 219-221

Illusory Motion within Still Pictures: The L-Effect

pp. 222-223

The Development of a Concrete Statue

pp. 224-226

Manifestations of a Cube

pp. 227-228

Computer-Assisted Etching

pp. 229-230



pp. 231-232

Historical Perspectives on the Visual Arts, Science, and Technology

Historical Perspectives on the Visual Arts, Science, and Technology

pp. 234-237


The Airbrush Book: Art, History and Technique by Seng-gye Tombs Curtis and Christopher Hunt (review)

p. 238

Arts and the Schools ed. by Jerome J. Hausman (review)

p. 238

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: A Course in Enhancing Creativity and Artistic Confidence by Betty Edwards, and: The Watson Drawing Book by Ernest W. Watson and Aldren A. Watson (review)

pp. 238-239

How to Paint the Chinese Way by Jean Long (review)

p. 239

Portrait of an Atom: Artist-Sculptor Kenneth Snelson’s Vizualization of the Atom’s Electronic Structure (review)

pp. 239-240

Brains, Machines and Persons by Donald M. MacKay (review)

p. 240

American Light: The Luminisi Movement, 1850–1875. Paintings, Drawings, Photographs (review)

pp. 240-241

Picasso Lithographs by Pablo Picasso (review)

p. 241

The Art and Era of the Spanish Generation of ’98 by Enrique Lafuente Ferrari, and: Els Quatre Gats: Art in Barcelona around 1900 by Marilyn McCully (review)

pp. 241-242

Art and Philosophy: Conceptual Issues in Aesthetics by Joseph Margolis (review)

p. 242

Machines Who Think: A Personal Inquiry into the History and Prospects of Artificial Intelligence by Pamela McCorduck (review)

p. 242

The New Japanese House: Ritual and Anti-Ritual Patterns of Dwelling by Chris Fawcett (review)

p. 243

The Story of Modem Art by Norbert Lynton (review)

p. 243

The History and Philosophy of Technology ed. by G. Bugliarello and D. B. Doner (review)

pp. 243-244

The Paintings of James McNeill Whistler by Andrew McLaren Young, et al. (review)

p. 244

Dada Spectrum: The Dialectics of Revolt ed. by Stephen Foster and Rudolph Kuenzli (review)

p. 244

The Thames and Hudson Manual of Screen Printing by Tim Mara, and: Screenprinting: History and Process by Donald Saff and Deli Sacilotto, and: The New Lithography: The Mylar Method Manifesto by Mauro Giuffreda (review)

p. 245

Disturbing the Universe by Freeman Dyson (review)

p. 246

Roger Fry: Art and Life by Frances Spalding (review)

p. 246

Leonardo’s Rules of Painting: An Unconventional Approach to Modern Art by James Beck (review)

pp. 246-247

The Stream of Consciousness: Scientific Investigations into the Flow of Human Experience ed. by Kenneth S. Pope and Jerome L. Singer (review)

p. 247

Jackson Pollock: Questions ed. by François-Marc Gagnon et al. (review)

pp. 247-248

Goncharova: Stage Designs and Paintings by Mary Chamot (review)

p. 248

Ideas of Space: Euclidean, Non-Euclidean, and Relativistic by Jeremy Gray (review)

p. 248

Health Hazards in the Arts and Crafts ed. by Michael McCann and Gail Barazani (review)

pp. 248-249

The Berlin Secession: Modernism and Its Enemies in Imperial Germany by Peter Paret (review)

p. 249

Beyond Art: What Art Is and Might Become if Freed from Cultural Elitism by Roger Taylor, and: Art in Action: Toward a Christian Aesthetic by Nicholas Wolterstorff (review)

pp. 249-250

A Giacometti Portrait by James Lord (review)

p. 250

Color Manual for Artists ed. by Arthur L. Guptill and Catherine Sullivan (review)

p. 250

The Perception of Pictures ed. by Margaret A. Hagen (review)

pp. 250-251

Silk Screen Techniques by J. I. Biegeleisen and Max Cohn (review)

p. 251

The Great Statuary of China by Victor Segalen (review)

pp. 251-252

The Artist by Himself: Self-portrait Drawings from Youth to Old Age ed. by Joan Kinneir (review)

p. 252

Illustrated Notebooks: 1917–55 by Georges Braque (review)

pp. 252-253

Picasso: Art As Autobiography by Mary Gedo (review)

p. 253

Books Received

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