restricted access   Volume 37, Number 1, Fall 2013

Table of Contents


p. iv

Editor’s Introduction: Cosmopolitan Modernism, Polylingual Strategies and Cultural Hybridity

pp. v-vi

“This Wild Hunt for Rest”: Working at Play in The Ambassadors

pp. 1-20

Uncreative Influence: Louis Aragon’s Paysan de Paris and Walter Benjamin’s Passagen-Werk

pp. 21-39

Flights of Memory: Teju Cole’s Open City and the Limits of Aesthetic Cosmopolitanism

pp. 40-57

“Mark my words”: Speech, Writing, and Identity in Three Harlem Renaissance Stories

pp. 58-76

A Search for the Viscous and Sawdust: (Mis)pronunciation in Nabokov’s American Novels

pp. 77-89

“I could not let eu go”: Robert Duncan falls for the wrong verb

pp. 90-106

Junot Díaz’s “Otravida, Otravez” and Hospitalia: The Workings of Hostile Hospitality

pp. 107-123

Ming Vases, China Dolls, and Mandarins: Examining the Curation of China in the Galleries of Modernist Little Magazines, 1912–1930

pp. 124-142

The Ambiguous Status of Native Speakers and Language Learners in Ulysses

pp. 143-157

“A Conversation with Spectres”: Russian Ballet and the Politics of Voice in T.S. Eliot

pp. 158-177

“A perfect present”: A Review of T. S. Eliot’s Parisian Year

pp. 178-180

“Like a shell with no machinery in it”: The Letters of T.S. Eliot, Volume 1: 1898–1922 and Volume 2: 1923–1925

pp. 181-186

En ce bordeau où tenons nostre etat: A review of Schneider’s Zois in Nighttown

pp. 187-189

New Jewish Geographies: Allison Schachter’s Diasporic Modernisms

pp. 190-193

Exploration of the Intercultural

pp. 194-195

Notes on Contributors

pp. 196-198