restricted access   Volume 40, Numbers 1-2, Spring/Fall 2013

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Vision and Viewing in Ancient Greece

Guest Editors: Sue Blundell, Douglas Cairns, Nancy Rabinowitz


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pp. 3-37

I. Art and Text

Swallow This: A Pelike within Late Archaic Song and Visual Culture

pp. 41-70

Framing a View of the Unviewable: Architecture, Aphrodite, and Erotic Looking in the Lucianic Erôtes

pp. 71-95

Apparitions Apparent: Ekphrasis and the Parameters of Vision in the Elder Philostratus’s Imagines

pp. 97-140

II. Narrative

Hesiod and the Divine Gaze

pp. 143-166

‘Empire of the Gaze’: Despotism and Seraglio Fantasies à la grecque in Chariton’s Callirhoe

pp. 167-191

III. Performance

Women as Subject and Object of the Gaze in Tragedy

pp. 195-221

Vision and Knowledge in Greek Tragedy

pp. 223-245

Humiliation?: Voyeurism, Violence, and Humor in Old Comedy

pp. 247-277

IV. Enlightenment

Dynamics of Vision in Plato’s Thought

pp. 281-307

‘Blessed Is He, Who Has Seen’: The Power of Ritual Viewing and Ritual Framing in Eleusis

pp. 309-341

Notes On Contributors

pp. 343-345