restricted access   Volume 85, Number 4, August 2013

Table of Contents


Paternal Age and Genetic Load

pp. 515-527

The Human Environment and the Vitamin D Compromise: Scotland as a Case Study in Human Biocultural Adaptation and Disease Susceptibility

pp. 529-552

Evaluation of the Bayesian Method to Derive Migration Patterns from Changes in Surname Distributions over Time

pp. 553-567

Selection Variability for Arg48His in Alcohol Dehydrogenase ADH1B among Asian Populations

pp. 569-577

A Review of the Ischium-Pubis Index: Accuracy, Reliability, and Common Errors

pp. 579-596

Brief Communications

Reevaluating a Model of Gender-Biased Gene Flow among Sub-Saharan Hunter-Gatherers and Farmers

pp. 597-606

Sibling Composition and Household Room Sharing Are Associated with Menarcheal Status among Rural Bengalee Girls of West Bengal, India

pp. 607-617

Letters to the Editor

Spousal Choice by Height in an Urban Middle-Class Japanese Population

pp. 619-621

A Longitudinal Study of Digit Ratio (2D:4D) and Its Relationships with Adult Running Speed in Jamaicans

pp. 623-625

Book Review

Racial Identities, Genetic Ancestry, and Health in South America: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Uruguay edited by Sahra Gibbon, Ricardo Ventura Santos, and Mónica Sans (review)

pp. 627-629