restricted access   Volume 28, Number 3, 2013

Table of Contents

Public Reason and the Disempowerment of Aboriginal People in Canada

pp. 293-314

Politiques foncières et autochtonie au Cameroun

pp. 315-345

La culture des groupes minoritaires face au droit international

pp. 347-367

“The Disorderly Conduct of a Few”: Crime and Hamilton’s Racial Geography in the Early 1850s

pp. 369-386

Le mahr devant les tribunaux civils canadiens

pp. 387-402

Resisting the Silence: The Use of Tolerance and Equality Arguments by Gay and Lesbian Activist Groups in Russia

pp. 403-424

Commentary: The Forces That Conspire to Keep Us “Idle”

pp. 425-428

Commentary: The “Idle No More” Movement in Eastern Canada

pp. 429-431

Book Reviews / Comptes-rendus

Racialized Policing: Aboriginal People’s Encounter with the Police by Elizabeth Comack (review)

pp. 436-437

The Freedom of Security: Governing Canada in the Age of Counter-Terrorism by Colleen Bell (review)

pp. 437-438

Murder, Medicine and Motherhood by Emma Cunliffe (review)

pp. 438-440

Exclusions. Practicing prejudice in French law and medicine, 1920–1945 by Julie Fette (review)

pp. 440-442