restricted access   Volume 22, Number 2, 2013

Table of Contents

The Summer Institute of Civic Studies

The Summer Institute of Civic Studies: An Introduction

pp. 117-121

Civic Studies: Fundamental Questions, Interdisciplinary Methods

pp. 122-136

What Should You and I Do?: Lessons for Civic Studies from Deliberative Politics in the New Deal

pp. 137-150

Living Well Together: Citizenship, Education, and Moral Formation

pp. 151-161

Civic Studies: Bringing Theory to Practice

pp. 162-171

The Civic Institute Relocated: Designing a Syllabus for Undergraduate Students at a Public University

pp. 172-186

Deliberation and Civic Studies

pp. 187-200

The Contemporary Relevance of Aristotelian Political Theory

Political Animals Revisited

pp. 201-214

Boundaries, Birthright, and Belonging: Aristotle on the Distribution of Citizenship

pp. 215-235

Uselessness: A Panegyric

pp. 236-246

Aristotelian Necessities

pp. 247-263


The Good Society: A Retrospective

pp. 264-268