restricted access   Volume 128, Number 3, April 2013 (German Issue)

Table of Contents


The Subject of Inversion: Hölderlin’s “Wie wenn am Feiertage …”

pp. 477-501

L’effet d’histoire: Historiography in C. F. Meyer’s Novella The Amulet

pp. 502-529

Unsettling the Land: Ludwig Strauss’s Journey from German Romanticism to Neoclassical Hebrew

pp. 530-552

Kafka’s Intermediaries: Notes on Deferral, Gesture and Guilt

pp. 553-579

Modal Revolutions: Friedrich Hölderlin and the Task of Poetry

pp. 580-610

Framework: On W. G. Sebald’s Austerlitz

pp. 611-638

Da-da: “Articulatory Gestures” and the Emergence of Sound Poetry

pp. 639-668


Zwischen Eros und Mitteilung. Die Frühromantik im Symposion der „Athenaeums-Fragmente“ by May Mergenthaler (review)

pp. 669-671

Afterness: Figures of Following in Modern Thought and Aesthetics by Gerhard Richter (review)

pp. 671-676

Kafka’s Jewish Languages: The Hidden Openness of Tradition by David Suchoff (review)

pp. 676-679


pp. 680-682