restricted access   Volume 34, Number 3, 2013

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Reproductive Technologies and Reproductive Justice

Guest Editor: Mytheli Sreenivas


pp. vii-xiv

The Feminist Potential of Docudrama: Destabilizing the Primacy of Primary Sources through Paula Kamen’s Jane

pp. 1-26

A Not-So-Silent Scream: Gothic and the US Abortion Debate

pp. 27-47

“The Verdict Created No Great Surprise Upon the Street”: Abortion, Medicine, and the Regulatory State in Progressive-Era Los Angeles

pp. 48-72

Choosing the Right to Choose: Roe v. Wade and the Feminist Movement to Legalize Abortion in Martial-Law Taiwan

pp. 73-101

Roundtable: Reproductive Technologies and Reproductive Justice

pp. 102-125

Speaking of Solidarity: Transnational Gestational Surrogacy and the Rhetorics of Reproductive (In)Justice

pp. 126-163

Artist Statement: Basket Case from the Surrogate Series

pp. 164-166

Transnational Surrogacy in India: Interrogating Power and Women’s Agency

pp. 167-188

The Erasure of Egg Providers in Stem Cell Science

pp. 189-212

Activist Knowledges

Decentering the Individual and Centering Community: Using a Reproductive Justice Methodology to Examine the Uses of Reprogenetics

pp. 213-225

How Not to Pimp Out Reproductive Justice: Adventures in Education, Activism, and Accountability

pp. 226-241

Artist Statement: Indigenous Virgin

pp. 242-244

The Donor Egg Essay

pp. 245-255


pp. 256-261