restricted access   Volume 16, Issue 4, 2013

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From: Theory & Event

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open access   Introduction


The Communist Hypothesis and the Question of Organization

The Party Form Today

The Body of Politics: On the Concept of the Party

Contemporary Struggles and the Question of the Party: A Reply to Gavin Walker

Limits and Openings of the Party: A Reply to Jason E. Smith

Symposium – The Power of Life’s Excess: Contesting Sovereignty from Sites that do not exist

Editors: Andreja Zevnik, Erzsébet Strausz, and Simona Rentea

open access   Introduction: The Power of Life’s Excess

Vanities of Sovereignty

Being in Discourse with Foucault: The Practice of Life

Sounds of Void: Paul Celan’s and John Zorn’s Hopeful Horizons

Sadomasochism and the Body of Law: Lacan’s Reconceptualization of Perversion as père-version

Life’s Contested Dispositifs: Apparatuses of Capture/Exuberant Lines of Flight

Life at the Limit: Body, Eroticism and the Excess


A Politics of Interruption: Honig’s Antigone, Interrupted

Shaping Democracy, Rethinking the Democratic People: Ferguson’s Sharing Democracy

Terror Cuts to the Quick: Virilio's The Administration of Fear

Deepening the Surface: Raengo’s On the Sleeve of the Visual

Succeeding at Failing and Other Oxymorons: Halberstam’s The Queer Art of Failure