restricted access   Volume 3, Number 3, Winter 2013

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Editors’ Note

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Narrative Symposium


Living With the Label “Disability”: Personal Narrative as a Resource for Responsive and Informed Practice in Biomedicine and Bioethics

pp. 183-186

Personal Narratives

Uniquely My Own: One Woman's Experience of Living with a Physical Disability

pp. 186-189

Life is Good

pp. 189-192

Tackling Adversity

pp. 192-193

How Deafness May Emerge as a Disability as Social Interactions Unfold

pp. 193-196

A Note on Being Ability–different, Atypically–bodied . . . Criptastic?

pp. 196-199

Disability Embodied: Narrative Exploration of the Lives of Two Brothers Living with Traumatic Brain Injury

pp. 199-202

Growing Up: Seeing Myself for Who I Am and Loving It

pp. 202-205

The Juggling Act

pp. 205-207

Surprised by Disability

pp. 207-210

Let Me Pay Taxes!

pp. 210-213

A Medical Mishap

pp. 213-216

Living with Blindness and Fibromyalgia while Occupying Aging

pp. 216-218

Imaginary Interview

pp. 219-221

Personal Narratives (Web Only Content)

Expose of a Breakdown

pp. E1-E4

My Ability to Flourish

pp. E4-E5

My Story

pp. E5-E6

How I Lost My Hearing

pp. E7-E8

Seeing the Best of Me

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In Media Res: Commenting on the Trajectory of Lives

pp. 223-228

Down the Rabbit Hole: Reflections on Thirteen Narratives of Living with the “Disabled” Label

pp. 229-234

Crafting and Retelling Everyday Lives—: Disabled People’s Contribution to Bioethical Concerns

pp. 235-240

Navigating Ambivalence

pp. 241-246

Research Articles

How Do Deployed Health Care Providers Experience Moral Injury?

pp. 247-259

How Contextual and Relational Aspects Shape the Perspective of Healthcare Providers on Decision Making for Patients With Disorders of Consciousness: A Qualitative Interview Study

pp. 261-273

Case Study

Do Everything

pp. 275-280