restricted access   Volume 17, Number 1, January 1984

Table of Contents


International Aspects of Leonardo

pp. 1-2


R. Buckminster Fuller 1895–1983

p. 3

Artists' Articles

Monitoring Nature’s Sounds with Terrain-Based Constructions

pp. 4-7

Letterpress Language: Typography as a Medium for the Visual Representation of Language

pp. 8-16

Artists' Notes

Primitive Paintings: Connections to Realism and Constructivism

pp. 17-19

The Envelope as an Art Form: Computer-Aided Images

pp. 20-23

On Lacquer Painting

pp. 24-26

Combining Color Xerography with the Techniques of Silkscreen and Intaglio

pp. 27-32


General Note

Art and Technology: Innovations Report from the Twelfth International Sculpture Conference

pp. 33-34


Creativity and Education: Some Critical Remarks

pp. 35-39

Source and Limits of Human Intellect

pp. 40-45

The New Media as Contexts for Creativity

pp. 46-48

Book Reviews

Street Murals by Volker Barthelmeh (review)

p. 52

Early American Modernist Painting 1910–1935 by Abraham A. Davidson (review)

p. 52

American Prints: Process and Proofs by Judith Goldman (review)

pp. 52-53

Drawing in Early Renaissance Italy by Francis Ames-Lewis (review)

p. 53

Rodin in Perspective ed. by Ruth Butler (review)

pp. 53-54

The English Miniature by John Murdock, et al. (review)

p. 54

Still Life Painting, from Antiquity to the Twentieth Century by Charles Sterling (review)

p. 54

Cambridge Introduction to the History of Art: The Twentieth Century by Rosemary Lambert (review)

pp. 54-55

Focus on Art by Werner Spies (review)

p. 55

History of Art: A Student’s Handbook by Marcia Pointon (review)

p. 55

International Directory of Exhibiting Artists ed. by V. B. Smith (review)

p. 55

Oil Painting: Traditional and New by Leonard Brooks, and: Controlled Painting: A Sound Approach to Realistic Painting in Oil and Acrylics by Frank Covino (review)

pp. 55-56

The Contemporary Oil Painter’s Handbook by Clifford T. Chieffo (review)

p. 56

Stained Glass—A Guide to Information Sources. Vol. 10 ed. by Darlene Brady, William Serban (review)

pp. 56-57

L’Architecture de Survie: Ou Invente Aujourd’hui le Monde de Demain by Yona Friedman (review)

p. 57

In Defense of Narcissism: The Creative Self in Search of Meaning by Carl Goldberg (review)

p. 57

The Cosmic Code by Heinz R. Pagels (review)

p. 58

Future Worlds by John Gribbin (review)

p. 58

2081: A Hopeful View of the Human Future by Gerard K. O’Neill (review)

pp. 58-59

Fundamentals of Interactive Computer Graphics by James D. Foley, Andries Van Dam (review)

p. 59

Mapping Information: The Graphic Display of Quantitative Information by Howard T. Fisher (review)

pp. 59-60

Brucken … Asthetik und Gestaltung (Bridges … Aesthetics and Design) by Fritz Leonhardt (review)

p. 60

The Fourth Dimension and Non-Euclidian Geometry in Modern Art by Linda Dalrymple Henderson (review)

p. 60

Calendar of Creative Man by John Paxton, Sheila Fairfield (review)

pp. 60-61

Perspective and Other Drawing Systems by Fred Dubery, John Willats (review)

p. 61

Beauty and the Beasts by Stephen E. Weil (review)

p. 61

The Art of Painting on Glass by Albinas Elskus (review)

pp. 61-62

Byte Book of Computer Music ed. by Christopher Morgan (review)

p. 62

The Evolution of Culture in Animals by John Tyler Bonner (review)

p. 62

The Sociology of Art by Arnold Hauser (review)

pp. 62-63

Russia on Canvas: Il’ya Repin by Fan Parker, Stephen Jan Parker (review)

p. 63

Songs of Glory: The Romanesque Façades of Aquitaine by Linda Seidel (review)

pp. 63-64

Half a Truth is Better than None by John A. Kouwenhoven (review)

p. 64

The Critics of Abstract Expressionism by Stephen C. Foster (review)

pp. 64-65

On American Art During ’30s and ’40s. Abstract Expressionism: The Formative Years by Robert Carleton Hobbs, Gail Levin (review)

p. 65

Soho: The Artist in the City by Charles R. Simpson (review)

p. 65

Basic Water Color Painting by Judith Campbell-Reed (review)

p. 66

Variations in Watercolor by Naomi Brotherton and Lois Marshall, and: Controlled Watercolor Painting by Leo Stoutsenberger (review)

p. 66

Books Received

pp. 66-67


p. 68