restricted access   Volume 80, Number 2, Summer 2013

Table of Contents

Giving: Caring for the Needs of Strangers

Endangered Scholars Worldwide

pp. v-xix

Editor’s Introduction

pp. xxi-xxii

Part I: Caring for the Needs of Strangers

Grassroots Philanthropy: Fighting the Power Asymmetries of Aid in Rural Burundi

pp. 321-336

Part II: Religious and Philosophical Grounds for Giving


pp. 339-340

Giving Practices in Islamic Societies

pp. 341-358

The Religious Gift: Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain Perspectives on Dana

pp. 359-379

Part III: The Development and Psychology of Altruism

On Social Connection, Helping, and Altruism

pp. 383-386

The Evolution of Generosity: How Natural Selection Builds Devices for Benefit Delivery

pp. 387-410

Social Connection and Compassion: Important Predictors of Health and Well-Being

pp. 411-430

The Development of Altruistic Behavior: Helping in Children and Chimpanzees

pp. 431-442

Part IV: Solving Public Problems through Private Means


pp. 445-448

Philanthropic Foundations: What Rationales?

pp. 449-472

Philanthrocapitalism: Solving Public Problems through Private Means

pp. 473-490

Harnessing Positive Peer Pressure to Create Atruism

pp. 491-510

Part V: Giving and the State: Legal, Political, and Economic Perspectives


pp. 513-515

Philanthropy and Caring for the Needs of Strangers

pp. 517-538

Plural Sovereignty for the Common Good: Faith-Based Initiatives and the Social Question Today

pp. 539-556

Tax Policy and Philanthropy: A Primer on the Empirical Evidence for the United States and Its Implications

pp. 557-584

Part VI: The Impact of Giving on the Recipient

The Impact of Giving on the Recipient: A Summary

pp. 587-590

Giving to Developing Countries: Controversies and Paradoxes of International Aid

pp. 591-606

The Relevance and Effectiveness of Humanitarian Aid: Reflections about the Relationship between Providers and Recipients

pp. 607-634

Plutocrats at Work: How Big Philanthropy Undermines Democracy

pp. 635-652

Notes on Contributors

pp. c3-c4