restricted access   Volume 78, Number 2, Summer 2011

Table of Contents

The Body and the State: How the State Controls and Protects the Body, Part I

Endangered Scholars Worldwide

pp. v-xv

Editor’s Introduction

pp. xvii-xviii

Part I: Keynote Address

The Trace: Violence, Truth, and the Politics of the Body

pp. 281-298

Part II: Conceptions of the “Normal” Body

Introduction: Conceptions of the “Normal” Body

pp. 301-306

Joan’s Two Bodies: A Study in Political Anthropology

pp. 307-324

How the French State Justifies Controlling Muslim Bodies: From Harm-Based to Values-Based Reasoning

pp. 325-348

The Body as a Biological and Genetic Entity

pp. 349-358

Bodies of Rights and Therapeutic Markets

pp. 359-386

Losing Bodies

pp. 387-394

Reflections on the Body Beautiful in Indian Popular Culture

pp. 395-416

Disability and the Normal Body of the (Native) Citizen

pp. 417-442

Making Willing Bodies: The University of Chicago Human Experiments at Stateville Penitentiary

pp. 443-478

Part III: The Sexual Body

Introduction: The Sexual Body

pp. 481-484

God’s Body, or, The Lingam Made Flesh: Conflicts over the Representation of the Sexual Body of the Hindu God Shiva

pp. 485-508

The State’s Oversight: From Sexual Bodies to Erotic Selves

pp. 509-532

Verdicts of Science, Rulings of Faith: Transgender/Sexuality in Contemporary Iran

pp. 533-556

Securitizing Gender: Identity, Biometrics, and Transgender Bodies at the Airport

pp. 557-582

Body Politic, Bodies Impolitic

pp. 583-606

Violence and Humanity: Or, Vulnerability as Political Subjectivity

pp. 607-632

Sexual Orientations, Rights, and the Body: Immutability, Essentialism, and Nativism

pp. 633-658

Gender Pluralism: Muslim Southeast Asia since Early Modern Times

pp. 659-686

Notes on Contributors