restricted access   Volume 79, Number 4, Winter 2012

Table of Contents

Human Rights and the Global Economy

Nehal Bhuta, Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, and Miriam Ticktin, Guest Editors
Arien Mack, Editor

Endangered Scholars Worldwide

pp. v-xvi

Guest Editors’ Introduction

pp. xix-xxv

Editor’s Introduction

p. xvii

Part I: Human Rights and Economic Policy in Practice

The Role of Human Rights in Shaping International Regulatory Regimes

pp. 785-818

The Right to Health as the Right to Treatment: Shifting Conceptions of Public Health

pp. 819-836

Part II: Global Poverty and the Obligations of Rich Countries

The Right to Development: Reframing a New Discourse for the Twenty-First Century

pp. 839-864

Are Trade Subsidies and Tariffs Killing the Global Poor?

pp. 865-896

Part III: Human Rights, Climate Change, and Global Justice

Climate Change Lawfare

pp. 899-930

A Rights-Based Examination of Residents’ Engagement with Acute Environmental Harm across Four Sites on South Africa’s Witwatersrand Basin

pp. 931-956

Climate Rights and Obligations for Emerging States: The Cases of Brazil and South Africa

pp. 957-982

Climate Change: The Need for a Human Rights Agenda within a Framework of Shared Human Security

pp. 983-1014

Part IV: Corporations and Human Rights Obligations

Introduction: Human Rights and Global Corporations

pp. 1017-1021

Regulation at Work: Globalization, Labor Rights, and Development

pp. 1023-1044

Coffee, Certification, and the Incorrigibility of Capitalism

pp. 1045-1069

Index of Contributors

pp. 1071-1081

Index, Vol. 79

pp. 1072-1077

Notes on Contributors