free access   Volume 18, Number 2, Fall 2013

Table of Contents

Thematic Issue: The End of War? The Korean Armistice After Sixty Years

Guest Editor: Charles K. Armstrong

free access   Note from the Editors

p. 175

free access   Introduction: A Limited Peace

pp. 177-182


free access   The Korean Armistice and the End of Peace: The US-UN Coalition and the Dynamics of War-Making in Korea, 1953–76

pp. 183-224

free access   North Korea’s Alliances and the Unfinished Korean War

pp. 225-262

free access   Between the Blocs: India, the United Nations, and Ending the Korean War

pp. 263-286

free access   Korea beyond and within the Armistice: Division and the Multiplicities of Time in Postwar Literature and Cinema

pp. 287-313

free access   Postmemory DMZ in South Korean Cinema, 1999–2003

pp. 315-336

free access   No End to the Image War: Photography and the Contentious Memories of the Korean War

pp. 337-370

free access   Patriots behind Enemy Lines: Hyperreality and the Stories of Self and Other in Recent North Korean War-Theme Graphic Novels

pp. 371-402

free access   Reflections on the Korean War and Its Armistice

pp. 403-406

Book Reviews

free access   Deconstruction/Construction: The Cheonggyecheon Restoration Project in Seoul edited by Joan Busquets (review)

pp. 407-410

free access   Nam-Pukhan kwallyŏn Hŏnggari oemubu kimil oegyo munsŏ mongnokchip, 1945-1993 [Catalog of the Confidential Diplomatic Documents concerning South Korea and North Korea from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary, 1945–1993] by Kim Poguk (review)

pp. 411-415

free access   The Northern Region of Korea: History, Identity, and Culture edited by Sun Joo Kim (review)

pp. 415-417