restricted access   Volume 74, Number 2, Summer 2007

Table of Contents

Punishment: The US Record

Endangered Scholars Worldwide: Introduction

pp. v-vii

Endangered Scholars Worldwide

p. vii

Concerned Scholars and Intellectuals Protest the Imprisonment of Kian Tajbakhsh

pp. viii-x

Editor’s Introduction

pp. xi-xiv

I. Why We Punish: The Foundation of Our Concepts of Punishment

Why We Punish: Introduction

p. 249

What Happened to Tocqueville’s America?

pp. 251-268

Punishment and the Spirit of Democracy

pp. 269-306

Post-Modem Meditations on Punishment: On the Limits of Reason and the Virtues of Randomization (A Polemic and Manifesto for the Twenty-First Century)

pp. 307-346

II. What and How We Punish: Law, Justice, and Punishment

Introduction: What and How We Punish

pp. 349-352

Looking Back to See the Future of Punishment in America

pp. 353-378

Economic Models of Crime and Punishment

pp. 379-412

The “Desert” Model for Sentencing: Its Influence, Prospects, and Alternatives

pp. 413-434

The Peculiar Forms of American Capital Punishment

pp. 435-464

III. Who We Punish: The Carceral State

Introduction: Who We Punish: The Carceral State

pp. 467-469

Rise of the Carceral State

pp. 471-508

Mass Imprisonment and Economic Inequality

pp. 509-532

Designed to Punish: Immigrant Detention and Deportation

pp. 533-546

Supermax as a Technology of Punishment

pp. 547-566

IV. Consequences of the Carceral State

Introduction: Consequences of a Carceral State

pp. 569-573

Barriers to Prisoners’ Reentry into the Labor Market and the Social Costs of Recidivism

pp. 575-611

The Impacts of Incarceration on Public Safety

pp. 613-630

Back-End Sentencing: A Practice in Search of a Rationale

pp. 631-644

V. Alternatives to the Carceral State: A Panel Discussion

Introduction: Defining Decarceration

pp. 647-650

The Expansion of Punishment and the Restriction of Justice: Loss of Limits in the Implementation of Retributive Policy

pp. 651-662

Alternatives to the Carceral State: The Judge’s Role

pp. 663-667

Dollars, Sense, and Penal Reform: Social Movements and the Future of the Carceral State

pp. 669-694

Finding Alternatives to the Carceral State

pp. 695-699

The Hidden Problem of Time Served in Prison

pp. 701-706

Dirty Bombs and Garbage Cases

pp. 707-711

Notes on Contributors

pp. c3-c4