restricted access   Volume 72, Number 3, Fall 2005

Table of Contents

South Africa: The Second Decade

Editor’s Introduction

pp. v-vi

South Africa’s Young Democracy, Ten Years On: Guest Editor’s Introduction

pp. vii-xviii

Race, Nation, Democracy: Questioning Patriotism in the New South Africa

pp. 501-530

The Future of the Past in South Africa: On the Legacy of the TRC

pp. 531-548

The South African Economy, 1994–2004

pp. 549-580

Just Another Miracle: A Decade of Crime and Justice in Democratic South Africa

pp. 581-604

Science, Power, and Policy Intersecting at the HIV/AIDS Pandemic

pp. 605-620

Turning Gender Rights into Entitlements: Women and Welfare Provision in Postapartheid South Africa

pp. 621-646

Misplaced Agrarianization?: Reflections on Ten Years of Land Restitution

pp. 647-670

State-Civil Society Relations in Post-Apartheid South Africa

pp. 671-692

Transformation Tensions in Higher Education: Equity, Efficiency, and Development

pp. 693-722

Toward a Developmental Foreign Policy?: Challenges for South Africa’s Diplomacy in the Second Decade of Liberation

pp. 723-756

Getting Better Than “World Class”: The Challenge of Governing Postapartheid South Africa

pp. 757-784

Notes on Contributors

pp. c3-c4